restoring structural integrity to a community with community.


4525_Week 5 June 29th_july 3rd

The second floor walls went up quickly, allowing us to begin laying out the roof rafters along the edge of the upper walls. The walls were covered in ½ OSB, and we cut out our openings for our windows. After all of the primary walls were framed and sheathed, we were able to wrap the house in Tyvek, or our water barrier. Before the sheathing took place we had a quick meeting and deciced that it would be in the best interest of the project to dimantle the old walls. We were able to recycle the old siding and 1x12 boards for later reuse. With the help of a few members from Habitat for Humanity and Central Dallas ministries, we began framing the major beams running along the ridge of the roof while a small team tackled the task of finishing the porch. It has been way to hot to be working out side, with every day this week reaching at least 100 degrees, with no relief in sight. The crew has been awesome and handled the heat well.

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