restoring structural integrity to a community with community.



Concrete samples for piers


With some research , it was found that there was a creek that ran through Congo Street, in which Mr. Bowies house sits on its direct path .


This time around, instead of the signature roof lines on the previous houses , the descion was made to go a different route with Mr. Bowies house . Since the structure was pretty much; solid , sturdy, and in much better shape than we would have believed after working on the previous houses .
Together coordinating with Mr. Bowie , we decided that we would " SAVE " this home .
Saving: not just in a since of keeping the structure in tact , but preserving the memories of the house that Mr. Bowie has been living in for many years.
While closely collaborating with Mr Bowie, combined with some demo we decided that we would slightly alter the floor plan and re-use the already existing materials since they were in much better condition than we had imagined . We will essentially be rebuilding Mr Bowies house from the inside out.