restoring structural integrity to a community with community.


a bit of history

Back in the Spring, Benje dug up a good deal of history on the development of Jubilee Park, and on platting in particular. Below is a plat dating from the late 1800's with details about land ownership and lot numbers written out by Mr. R.W. Grigsby.

Congo had not yet appeared, but begins where the creek turns South on the property marked "Jerry Crawford".

they're in!

Last week was a whirlwind!

Final site inspection.
Touch-ups and sweeping and bill-paying...

Green tag bestowed! (link HERE for a quick run-down of the inspection process)
Appliances purchased.
More sweeping...

Oncor and Green Mountain Energy cross wires (figuratively, at least).
Appliances installed.
Electrical gets uncrossed and lights turn on for the first time!
Frankie & Erika pack up.
Boxes and bed-sets move in,

and dancing begins!