restoring structural integrity to a community with community.



Week 7

Week_7 July 13th_July 17th

By the end of week 7, we were completely done framing, and ready to start our exterior finishes while our mechanical and electric subcontractors worked inside. The work that helped us reach that point included finishing our framing; our stairs, a few interior walls, and the porch were completed. The recycled siding that we dismantled from the old walls was able to make its way back into the project to serve as a rain screen on three of the four walls of the house. This is accomplished by running a series of small wood strips vertically along our exterior walls around 16” on-center, and attaching our siding on top of these strips.

The purpose of having an air cavity between the siding and the wall is twofold. First, any moisture that seeps into the siding will have a greater opportunity to dissipate due to the larger surface area exposed to the air, and second, the air barrier allows for less heat transfer to the wall from the siding from being heated by the sun. The fourth wall is required to be fire-rated and will feature corrugated sheet-metal rather than washboard siding, which will be installed soon.

More work was completed on the bathroom, including adding cement backing board to serve as a surface to which our tile will adhere to, while another part of the team finished decking the roof. On Thursday the 18th, the team was able to attend a sustainability showcase in Dallas where Brent spoke on behalf of bcWorkshop, honoring the team’s work so far this summer. The week closed out by fitting the front and back doors with shims, and preparing our windows for our cedar window boxes.

week 6


Week_6 July 6th_July 10th

Much of the same this week. This is the first house that we have framed with students and this week has been hard. One Hundred plus degree weather and the intricate roof and porch framing didn't help. We where able to sneak in our plumbing top out, and a the old siding going back on the new walls brings a familiarity to the new form. We decided to use the old 1 x 12's



Some of our details are starting to slowly emerge

Week 5 JULY 3rd BBQ

When your a jar of mayo, every sticks a spoon

Week 5 JULY 3rd BBQ

skip to my lou!!


Construction sign contest_ Mikhail Sookoor

week 5

week 5

week 5

By framing box headers it enables us to insulate between the 2 x 6 members with foam. This reduces the heat transfer that is typical of other header designs.

4525_Week 5 June 29th_july 3rd

The second floor walls went up quickly, allowing us to begin laying out the roof rafters along the edge of the upper walls. The walls were covered in ½ OSB, and we cut out our openings for our windows. After all of the primary walls were framed and sheathed, we were able to wrap the house in Tyvek, or our water barrier. Before the sheathing took place we had a quick meeting and deciced that it would be in the best interest of the project to dimantle the old walls. We were able to recycle the old siding and 1x12 boards for later reuse. With the help of a few members from Habitat for Humanity and Central Dallas ministries, we began framing the major beams running along the ridge of the roof while a small team tackled the task of finishing the porch. It has been way to hot to be working out side, with every day this week reaching at least 100 degrees, with no relief in sight. The crew has been awesome and handled the heat well.


thanks for the rendering john

should look something like this.

did we mention it's been hot! Dallas Weather

Dallas Weather: "Thursday
Mainly sunny. Hot. High 101F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.
Thursday night
Clear skies. Low 76F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.
Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. Hot. High near 100F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
Friday (24 hours)
More sun than clouds. Highs 98 to 102F and lows in the upper 70s."


flushing out the window details


when in doubt... ask the old timers! Dave from Habitat

framing got a little weird with the old walls in place!

4525_WEEK 4 June 22nd – June 26th

Week four has come to a close, and after a few set backs and a visit to our friends at the city, the team is around a week behind. On Monday, the team worked to fasten the floor joists to the girders with metal simpson ties in order to improve lateral strength for the flooring. Although the foundation is rated well above the level of capacity that the house may experience, every precaution is being made to put extra care and consideration into increasing the durability of the house. Our trusty plumber Jack Huffman came on monday and everybody pitched in to get the house roughed in and the new water line set. Jacks work passed the city inspection the following day and we added another green tag to our set. Aswell as some bizarre conversation about stuffing animals and wild pig hunting....this is texas, sorry TEXAS!
At this point, the plywood subfloor is ready to be laid, but after encountering a setback with our foundation inspection, we were left to spend most of Tuesday catching up on design and excavating yet another trench for electrical conduit. In a mad rush, we ran a few more stamped construction drawings ( thank you to Jerry Kunkel our Engineer!!) up to the city on Wednesday morning and were able to begin laying out our subfloor onto the girders.
On Thursday we managed to finish laying out the floor decking, and with the help of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, we knocked out our preliminary first floor framing. While the Congo crew was busy laying out sole plates and the perimeters of walls, Habitat built our headers for the doors and windows, along with our pocket door frames. A few members were able to come back out to the site again on Friday to help us finish the first floor and begin to frame the second.
The new house now exhumes its way out of the shell of the old house, creating a wonderful and delicate skeleton of a new home.

construction sign design contest_sarah hamzeh