restoring structural integrity to a community with community.



Does anybody use this?

Last Thursday Caco, Alex, and I went to Jubilee to talk to the boys in Ty's after school program.

It was canceled, but we got to meet and interact with some of the kids anyway. I met a young boy named Anthony:

Anthony: Do you know Karate?
Me: A little bit.
Anthony: I bet I know more than you!
Me: Yeah, I bet you could beat me up. But, you wouldn't do that right? You look like a nice guy.
Anthony: [Stares away] No, I'm not nice. I get into a lot of fights...

And this disturbed me and it still does. Every time I think about it I feel all distraught inside. Here's a young boy not even 10 and he doesn't think much of himself. When he told me these things, he wouldn't even look me in the eye. He just kept staring away with a sad gaze. His eyes seemed so empty.

I keep thinking about it and I think the deeper we get into this and the more we learn about Jubilee... well, I don't mean to get "Disney" on you, but I think we become more responsible to these people. This is really bigger than all of us.

I've been thinking about it a lot and I ask, "Well what if we don't get something built in the end?" I know that's the goal and I agree and I understand. We want to have something manifested from our time here and the effort that we put into this. Even more, as Architecture students, we want nice portfolios and to go to Grad school and whatnot... I do too!

For me, I'm at a point where it's okay if that doesn't happen though. The deeper I get into this the more this bigger picture of us being able to help the community becomes clearer in my mind. That's all I have to say.