restoring structural integrity to a community with community.


roof / insulation / siding

We successfully received a mechanical and framing inspections. The rafters are painted and the windows are fully installed.
Today insulation was installed but we had a little trouble with the inspection. Steve will contact the inspector to let him know that the main roof rafters are 2X8 not 2X6 as he had thought. The porch is built which makes it very easy for anyone interested to be able to walk through the house at any time.
The roof is done - black comp shingles; looks great. Sheet rock is going up in places where insulation is not an issue and Frank has been showing us how to put the metal siding panels together on the back of the house.
We are almost a week behind schedule at this point but everyone is willing to start coming in early/leaving late, or to come in during a weekend.
Brent brought a few guests today and they were all impressed with the house which of course made us feel really great about the project.
Tomorrow the sheet rocking and siding continues.




To summarize what has happened up to this point...
The house is up. The framing and sheathing is done on the walls and the roof. Most Tyvek is up on the walls. Plumbing and electrical is done. We are considering putting in a security system before finishing out the interior walls, but that is not settled because it can also be done wirelessly after the house is done. The plumbing and electrical inspections are scheduled for Monday, after that point there will be no more subcontractors.
Everyone in the neighborhood is very interested in the process. We have Vivian on the porch across from construction most days, Frankie is there sometimes, even Ernest has been watching the house go up. There are always kids around, they really want to help. Tommy has been very helpful but we haven't seen him in a few days, Michie plays around a lot but he genuinely helps when we need it. Jermaine, Issac and Erica are also always around.
It is very rewarding to see the neighborhood interest and participation. We try to get their input on some aesthetic as well as functional elements of the house. For example what color shingles they would like on the roof, or what they think of splitting the stove into a separate cook top and a built in stove.



We know it's not always easy for friends and family to picture all the things we've been sharing, so check out our photo albums HERE.


Framing, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next!

Yes! Framing, tomorrow morning, 7AM, Congo St., Dallas, TX. We have the piers ready to go; plumbing was supposed to be done today, but alas, it did not happen. The framing starts tomorrow so the plumber will have to crawl underneath for his rough in. Super excited about framing - all the lumber has been donated to bcWORKSHOP.
Some of us have been reworking the kitchen layout - trying to get more counter/storage space and still be able to afford some kind of a built in kitchen table.
Jevon has been working on having some cabinets donated - maple natural. Sounds great, just trying to figure out exactly what we will need.
Unfortunately, Benje, we were unable to sign our names on one of the piers because the concrete was too hard, oh well, maybe next time.