restoring structural integrity to a community with community.


Emmitt Smith comes to visit

Emmitt, his wife Pat and their four children where on Congo st this past Monday.
In honor of MLK day the Smith family choose Congo for there day of service and bought with them a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm.
But they didn't just come to watch. Emmitt was inside setting cabinets while the kids where outside staining some cedar siding (those kids where sticky!!)
We had a blast and greatly appreciate all 40 volunteers that made it down.


Mr Bowie

Little known fact is that Mr Bowie actually donated the land that the Holding House sits on.
We owe alot to our friend fred and will be forever grateful for his investment into his community.
Heres fred standing in his back yard, his house under construction and his demeanor always gentle.
Thank you Fred



Concrete samples for piers