restoring structural integrity to a community with community.


Drilling for piers

Alriiight! Tomorrow morning we will have guys coming in to install the pier foundation. Super excited - but not so much about getting up at 5:30 in the morning to make it in Dallas on time.
That's alright, we are just hoping nothing goes wrong. On Friday, some of us stayed and dug up a mystery gas pipe that made its way from front to back of the site. Crazy pipe. Hopefully it is not an issue.
*Lights out*

PS: Below are a couple shots of us cleaning out rocks and sticks from the site in preparation for foundation.


Received our permit!

Finally after weeks of drawings and meetings we got our permit on Wednesday 6.24.08! Everyone is excited and ready to start building. The plan today [Friday] is to have the foundation guys come in Monday morning to drill piers and pour concrete. The next day, Tuesday, framing starts.

Just to introduce everyone that is taking this summer's course: Steve W., Caco P., Kevin R., Jorge T., Benje F., Carlos M., Jevon A., and Varia S.

We had a meeting yesterday with Rusty, going over our schedule for the next couple of weeks; he was very helpful and gave us some crucial details. I think we were all on the same page as far as recycled materials go - we would like to reuse as much as possible. Perhaps sometime in the next couple of weeks we will head down to the wearhouse Rusty told us about to see if we can reuse any materials in a very design concious way.
Yesterday Benje invited us to take a walk around the neighborhood to check out some of the old vs. new houses around the area. We discussed siding, trim, and roof detailing. Again, everyone seems to agree on the overall look of the Holding House.