restoring structural integrity to a community with community.



To summarize what has happened up to this point...
The house is up. The framing and sheathing is done on the walls and the roof. Most Tyvek is up on the walls. Plumbing and electrical is done. We are considering putting in a security system before finishing out the interior walls, but that is not settled because it can also be done wirelessly after the house is done. The plumbing and electrical inspections are scheduled for Monday, after that point there will be no more subcontractors.
Everyone in the neighborhood is very interested in the process. We have Vivian on the porch across from construction most days, Frankie is there sometimes, even Ernest has been watching the house go up. There are always kids around, they really want to help. Tommy has been very helpful but we haven't seen him in a few days, Michie plays around a lot but he genuinely helps when we need it. Jermaine, Issac and Erica are also always around.
It is very rewarding to see the neighborhood interest and participation. We try to get their input on some aesthetic as well as functional elements of the house. For example what color shingles they would like on the roof, or what they think of splitting the stove into a separate cook top and a built in stove.

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