restoring structural integrity to a community with community.


Framing, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next!

Yes! Framing, tomorrow morning, 7AM, Congo St., Dallas, TX. We have the piers ready to go; plumbing was supposed to be done today, but alas, it did not happen. The framing starts tomorrow so the plumber will have to crawl underneath for his rough in. Super excited about framing - all the lumber has been donated to bcWORKSHOP.
Some of us have been reworking the kitchen layout - trying to get more counter/storage space and still be able to afford some kind of a built in kitchen table.
Jevon has been working on having some cabinets donated - maple natural. Sounds great, just trying to figure out exactly what we will need.
Unfortunately, Benje, we were unable to sign our names on one of the piers because the concrete was too hard, oh well, maybe next time.

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