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Week_10 august 3rd_ august 7th

It's the end of week 10, and our project is beginning to wrap up. Last Monday, the guys from All Foam Insulation came out to spray our foam insulation. While a portion of the team worked to finalize interior framing and prepare for the insulation installation, the foam insulators were able to crawl under the house to spray the underside of the joists. They returned on Tuesday to complete the job while we finished some exterior finishes such as the French Drain and the porch roof soffits; the process continued into wednesday as we started to prep for drywall. Our LEED framing inspector dropped by and gave us a thumbs up, which allowed us to continue on one of the messiest and annoying jobs of the entire project: drywall. Hanging the drywall required all day Thursday and part of Friday; afterwards we were able to patch the gaps with "mud" otherwise known as taping and bedding. With The team needing a final push to get the job done, a small group came out for a half-day Saturday to finish working out the imperfections in the drywall and give the walls a nice smooth surface to paint with a light sand. Other jobs wraped up this week are the back stoop, the floors upstairs, bath tile and flooring and the utility room flooring.

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